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Why We’re Here: Helping Our Clients Sleep at Night

Recently, we were inspired by Simon Sinek, author of “Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action,” to define the “why” behind our role as a CPA firm:

“We’re here because business owners and governments need solutions to their challenges—not a commodity product. Through our dedication to teamwork, development and relationships, we will help our clients thrive.”

The following is part of a series illustrating our “why.” In sharing these stories, we hope to strengthen our sense of purpose—and to perhaps inspire you in discovering yours. 

A longtime municipal client had hired a new administrator after their previous administrator left for a different job. Before the new administrator had completed his first week in the full-time role, we arranged a meeting to get up to speed on his needs.

During our meeting, the administrator quickly shared that he was overwhelmed by the upcoming budget presentation. Whereas his predecessor was well versed in the financial aspects of the role, he was not. (In his previous role, he managed a staff member who handled these types of projects.) He was so fraught with worry that he was literally losing sleep.

He asked if we could prepare budget documents that were similar to the ones he had used in the past, as he was comfortable talking through these. So we reviewed his needs and determined a way to convert the previous administrator’s data to his format. Then we asked if he needed help in preparing his presentation to council, which was set to take place in two weeks. The look of relief that washed over his face said it all. He excitedly accepted our offer, and we sent the budget documents and presentation to him early in the following week.  

Because the city’s budgeting process is fairly complicated—in addition to the presentation it requires coordination with multiple departments, projection of future needs, identification of city goals, and buy-in from the council—the administrator has continued to rely on our team for counsel. This has included assisting him with the final presentation slides and setting up charts and graphs to better explain the budget to the council and public. 

With our auditing professionals in his corner, the administrator now has a professional-looking budget presentation he feels 100 percent comfortable with. Because we reduced the amount of time, effort and worry involved, he was able to get some much-needed sleep. 

And that’s why we’re here. 

Until next time,