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Nonprofit Liquidity Footnote: Tell the Story Behind the Number

The numbers don’t lie, but they don’t always tell the whole story. At Abdo, Eick & Meyers, this oft-used statement has long been one of our mantras. Recently, it seems the Financial Standards Accounting Board (FASB) has decided to follow it, too.  

4 Benefits of Implementing Internal Service Funds

Is your city struggling to come up with money to replace critical assets? Having a hard time managing building or vehicle maintenance work orders? Needing a more efficient budgeting process, or to be more strategic in procurement decisions? An internal service fund could help.

Little-Known Ways Automation Could Make a Big Difference for Your Organization

Most of us have a bucket list. In fact, I’d say most of us probably have multiple bucket lists—one for life, and one for work. Adding to the life one is fun; it gives us a chance to daydream about future adventures. But adding to our work bucket list can elicit different emotions. Even if the projects or goals we place on it fall into the “fun” category, it can be overwhelming to think of all we want to do and, if we’re being honest with ourselves, feel like we should accomplish.

Minnesota’s New Wage Theft Regulations and Employer Requirements: Real World Planning for Compliance

In case you missed it, on May 30, 2019, Minnesota passed the Jobs and Economic Development Omnibus Bill. Along with many other budget and legislative items, that bill included several new regulations imposing new responsibilities and recordkeeping requirements for Minnesota employers effective July 1, 2019. These regulations, referred to as “Wage Theft” rules, are intended to ensure that all employees are provided with transparent access to important employment and payroll information and was passed in response to the large volume of wage theft complaints submitted to the Minnesota Department of Labor (DOL) each year.

How Rental Property Owners Can Qualify for the 199A Deduction

If you are involved with real estate or rental properties, you need to understand how valuable the 199A tax deduction can be for your business.